journal 002: i also had a nickelback phase.

march 6th, 2019 — 2:00 pm.

i’ve been listening to the all american rejects lately, and i stumbled across their song “move along”.

in my attempt to arouse nostalgia from fellow folks in their 20’s, i wanted to get something off my chest…

in all honesty, that song fucking slaps.

imagine ten year old nic, on the bus to school, flipping his shit over an early 2000’s emo pop band. collapsing, you’d find the gaps in my teeth vocalizing the vibrant vibrations that reveals an impression of sorts. i’d sit alone and pretend the whole bus was my audience. with boisterous enthusiasm + poise you’d hear me singing…one phrase, two words, three syllables, nine letters, and a million definitions…

move along —

as i said before, the song’s a banger.

although the suggestion sounds sentimental, there’s no way in hell i can move on by tomorrow.

if you check my portfolio, long ago there was a shadow that swallowed me into its undertow. i replaced espressos with brews and tobacco, and my poetry changed from a tranquil henry david thoreau to a dismantled vincent van gogh.

it took a lot more than words from a song to get through it all.

i’m glad when everything is wrong you can move along, but how about some advice for the rest of us?

so in an attempt to promote an alternative answer, here’s a word i cling to —


sedate, respectable, and unadventurous,

staidly is how i make it through.

it’s not sexy,

it’s not cheap,

it’s not easy,

it’s staidly.

and it sucks.

staidly is —

deadly: for every day becomes a new fight.

weeping: for every processed emotion is better than numbness, no matter how hard it may feel.

freedom: for every silence stricken with the sickness of happiness is another chain ripped off the spirit.

although the existence of moving past your problems sounds alleviating, the continuation only causes an evolution into depreciation.

in the darkness, the brightest weapon shines solemnly, for it has vanquished its foes with steadiness and uniformity. in gradual sessions, time helps by harmonizing heightened expressions with the depths of depression.

so move along, but staidly.

don’t be hasty or lean on shortcuts.

take time to be you.

and never stop listening to 2000’s emo pop.

2 thoughts on “journal 002: i also had a nickelback phase.

  1. keep on keeping on. 🙂 being an artist, I think we battle all the time with all kinds of emotions and thoughts. I like to say we are very attuned to our surroundings, and we must become verbal, by doing.

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