vegan cheese is the same consistency as snot.

march 16, 2019 — 4:18 am.

oh sweet sentimental sex in serenity,

how you’ve ruined me, i’m not quite sure.

your recipes for breathless intimacy and heavenly ecstasy desperately reminds me of the debauchery i have made over me.

the complexity of fidelity: wanting eternity between two individuals facing the inequities of accidental dependency.

consequentially, we found addiction in our familiarity. as i placed an identity in your divinity, and your hand being the kindest thing to hold, we became another’s necessity.

the perplexity of our rebellious + unforgettable chemistry has unintentionally killed me. the pedigree in which we crafted our coexistence came around a time when we both shouted for independency. our longevity was cut short.

sincerity turned to severity as unpleasantly as empathy turned to enemies. there’s no integrity for the legally unaccountable.

regrettably, i apologized for losing the melody in my mentality.

presently, i pleasantly have chosen to question the legitimacy of everything.

restfully, i’ve realized what theosophy has done to me.

acceptably, i will forgive myself endlessly.

for if they truly cared, they would find reasons to stay, and not excuses to go.

so don’t beat yourself up, dude.

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