more like jim and pam.

november 25th, 2018 — 12:56 PM.

polluted jewelry.

crystals, ambers, rubies, gems,

resembling creations greatest catastrophe…

beauty believing that it is only a stone.

sapphires: tainted yet unchanged.

jades in pain but stays true.

topaz broken is still topaz.

hither past yonder year,

when the diamond displayed

an orchestral arrangement of hues and stunning views.

it’s locked away, but not completely sealed

for the diamond transcends chains in every way,

and gems don’t ever lose their value.

she was happier back then,

but she deserves to be happy now.

for her eyes betray the hideous and accepts emeralds.

her words resemble opals with a mouth of pearls.

tears like aquamarines; treasures pour,

and all i want to do is hold you more.

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