memorize the sand.

Tides turn from mangy blue to material orange, yet the hues of existence mingle with the ocean’s heart beat.


Another wave crashes in.


The sea rises; she never quits.


My feet fall deeply in love with the sand I stand on. She’s seen toes vibrate like this before. A frequency radiates her soul, like the rocks + stones she once was. Soothed by our connection, she wraps me in warmth. Beaten by the current, she holds me still. Weary from all those that stepped on her before, she chooses me.

i could only feel her for the week.

Emotionless, I stand in agony. Emptiness I feel endlessly.

She cries, for she knows those who have hurt her are the only ones who can save her.

And to them, she ain’t worth the i n c o n v e n i e n c e .

Existential grief turns to mediocre living, she cries. Stop numbing your mind. Find that I’m what’s real. Protect me like you care, and come visit me more.

Yes dear, we lie to her.

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